Concrete vibrator Safety Precautions (1), concrete vibrator should be designated persons responsible for the custody, custody must have a certain respect for concrete vibrators Safety and technical knowledge, custody must be carefully vibrator maintenance and periodic inspection repair. (2), concrete vibrator power supply wiring must be correct, must be consistent with the motor turning mark, ministries insulation must be good Well, the motor insulation resistance must be greater than,0.5 Meg, there must be reliable grounding, and must install leakage protection switch. (3), the ministries must be carefully checked before use, see the vibrator ministries connections are secure, wire, electrical, Vibrator (or vibrating plate) is intact, confirmed there was no problem, it can feed started. (4), the operator must know how to use 750 liters big twin shaft concrete mixers price the use of concrete vibrators safety knowledge, for those who do not know can not be allowed Use, the operator must wear insulated gloves and insulated shoes to wear. (5) When using the vibrator first to commissioning, confirm no problem to use it, and vibrators to insert, If the motor rotates, the flexible shaft is rotated, but can not afford to vibration vibrator can shake the rod or rods to gently knock, you can start up. (6) use vibrators, by two operations, one to master motor and switch, motor vibrator and Connection must be firm, not use vibrator rubber hose dragging motor movement, and who should take the initiative to grasp the motor with vibration Who feed, as not to damage the shaft, hose bending radius of not less than 500mm And no more than two bends. (7), Using plug-in vibrators vibrators, the Vibrator To naturally sink and pull out the concrete, Can not force hard plug, Do not pull or push hard to use vibrators oblique rod body (and vibrator) hit hit hard objects such as steel or template, nor can rods Pry bars, etc. to pull the rod inserted in js1000 cement mixer 1000l concrete mixer spares concrete when vibrated up and down tics shall vibrator to ensure uniform vibration, Each of the vibration time must be properly, it is necessary to prevent the vibration is not real, but also to prevent excessive vibration of the lower layer of sand gravel and cement Pulp segregation, Affect the quality of concrete, Usually when being vibrated concrete surface has been flat, No significant collapse phenomenon, And cement mortar appears, the already tap, you can change the position of lifting rods. (8), winter construction, plug-in vibrators as a result of grease condense and difficult to start, can slow charcoal grilled vibrators Stick, but you can not test with a fierce fire hot or boiling water. (9), hove flat when using vibrators, cable insulation and drying must be guaranteed, it should cooperate closely, action Coordination, movement and germany brand stationary concrete batch mixer plant steering, pedaling pedaling the motor should be flat at both ends. (10), when the vibrator start, are not allowed to be placed on just the initial setting of concrete, are not allowed on the floor, scaffolding and bridleways On; not allowed on the hard, dry ground for a long time idling. (11), power brake box from the actual job site, as far as not exceeding 30 Rice, special care should be set shutter boxes, guard gates Box must be mental focus, improve work together.